Pokemon Black and White: New Editions is a fancomic made by a I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue, who unsurprisingly identifies in the author comments as three terrible Original Characters.

This comic does not only contain every spoiler for Pokemon Black and White, it is expected you have played the games to completion before reading the comic. (Or you could watch a Let's Play) (Or you could read another webcomic that goes through the plot of these games first [a lot of these are "Nuzlocke" challenge runs, drawn in comic form] ) This comic will also contain spoilers for the other games in the series. Spoiler-wary, don't read this comic!

The comic is a medium for the author to experiment with comic-making techniques mostly, but also to pay tribute to a franchise the author grew up with. It's also made just for fun. Because of these three things, the webcomic has no update schedule.

This webcomic is made for adult fans of the Pokemon series, but is not filled with adult themes. I feel it would be wrong and unnecessary of me to pack a kids franchise full of adult themes, so I won't. It should be okay for children to read, although it's not made with children in mind, so they may find it boring.

This comic abides by game-canon mostly, but borrows ideas from the Pokemon anime and manga only when game-canon is vague. This is super-important for every reader to know for no reason.

To begin reading, go back to the first page here. I recommend you read the first five pages, but otherwise read the comic in whatever order you like.

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