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1.Splash introWed, 20th Jul, 2011
2.The story of...Sun, 31st Jul, 2011
3.So what would you do?Sun, 07th Aug, 2011
4.The book of the gameSun, 14th Aug, 2011
5.A fabulous Nuzlocke?Sat, 20th Aug, 2011
6.The first part of a fabulous Nuzlocke (maybe)Sun, 21st Aug, 2011
7.Somehow the fabulous Nuzlocke continues.Sun, 28th Aug, 2011
8.A new direction for the fabulous Nuzlocke?Mon, 29th Aug, 2011
9.The fantastic climax of the fabulous NuzlockeFri, 02nd Sep, 2011
10.The sudden and upsetting end of the fabulous nuzlockeSat, 03rd Sep, 2011
11.Berry StewSat, 10th Sep, 2011
12.Meanwhile, a long distance from Unova.Thu, 15th Sep, 2011
13.StrongSat, 17th Sep, 2011
14.A long distance from those you knowFri, 23rd Sep, 2011
15.HAXMon, 26th Sep, 2011
16.Long distance callsWed, 28th Sep, 2011
17.Long Distance Cover pageTue, 04th Oct, 2011
18.What fanon has taught us about the Battle Subway bosses!Thu, 06th Oct, 2011
19.All natural childhoodSun, 16th Oct, 2011
20.Long Distance: Arrival in SinnohSun, 23rd Oct, 2011
21.Long distance: First fight in Sinnoh!Thu, 27th Oct, 2011
22.OMG HALLOWEEN COMICMon, 31st Oct, 2011
23.What fanon has taught us about the Striaton brothers!Sat, 05th Nov, 2011
24.mai kawaii otp WARNING ITS A HIATUS ANNOUNCEMENT Sat, 12th Nov, 2011
25.Happy Holidays!Thu, 22nd Dec, 2011
26.Sunrise of xmasSat, 24th Dec, 2011
27.OverflowSun, 08th Jan, 2012
28.MotivationalWed, 08th Feb, 2012