• Sinnoh Long Distance
  • Child-sized B/W characters
  • Honey Burgh sprite!
  • The OC Squad sprites!
  • Sinnoh Long Distance
    Sinnoh Long Distance sprites
    Comic 20 will be going live shortly. Here are some sprites based on that comic.
    Child-sized B/W characters
    Child sized bw characters

    Child sized sprites of most of Black/White's unique-sprited characters. They could also be D/P/P sized, hence the alternative sprites for Brycen and Drayden.
    Honey Burgh sprite!
    Honey Burgh sprite! Honey Burgh, who appears in Comic #9
    The OC Squad sprites!
    The OC squad sprites
    Disclaimer: All copyright notices on these sprite edits are for humour purposes only. These are all extremity derivative works, which I cannot claim as my own. There is no copyright or creative commons on these sprites, steal to your heart's content. And these edits are made for fun only.