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Sceney bopper vs sprite
HI! Welcome to my webcomic! I'm Scene-y Bopper, one of the OC Squad! You'll see us more next comic, as well as my kawaii friends!
I have a life you know guys, so I won't be updating all the time like this.
OMG I want all those rare Pokemon, don't you? It's a shame i've got nothing good to trade online! Damn.

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Hilda and Hilbert are being useless and sitting around in a featureless void. Surrounding them are a group of Pokemon who are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

Hilda: Man, thanks to the GTS, I can't remember who's a hero and who's a weirdo who hangs out at the subway.

Hilbert: You're the weirdo

Hilda: No, you.
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