Meanwhile, a long distance from Unova. - Thu, 15th Sep, 2011
Meanwhile, a long distance from Unova.

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
And it won't have me in it! As revenge, I will tell everyone the illustrator TRACED THAT BOAT FROM A 3D MODEL. HA!

Kawaii u vs sprite
I can make a better story
i hAVE decided I will write a fanfiction about me dating cilan and my sexy brother N will date touko and we will double date and both raise families together. IT WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE i WILL BE IN IT.

Original Miku vs sprite
KANTO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3




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Bianca: Wow. I've never been this far from my home...

Narration: A few weeks ago...

Prof. Oak: Juniper, my latest research can only be appreciated in person!
Prof. Juniper: I'd like to see it, but I can't leave Unova right now! Although...
(But to Juniper speaking with Bianca! Bianca's Dad is shocking in the background.)
Prof. Juniper: I hesitated in asking you this after you gave away Snivy, but a trip to Kanto may be good for you!
Narration: And so... I agreed to go, and left on a boar from the docks of Castelia.
(Cut back to the present time, somebody interrupts Bianca's thoughts by called her name.)
???: Bianca?
(It's Cheren!)
Cheren and Bianca TOGETHER: What are you doing here!?
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