A long distance from those you know - Fri, 23rd Sep, 2011
A long distance from those you know

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
I want some CAMEOS to appear in an upcoming crowd scene. Some characters might have speaking roles, I don't plan far enough ahead to know for sure. But if you want your character to have a cameo, comment or message me or something. A good reference picture would be nice.

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Cheren: So, you're going to Kanto in order to report on Pokemon research by Professor Oak?
Bianca: Yep! So, why are you here?
Cheren: I'm travelling with Cynthia to Sinnoh. I believe my Pokemon and I can grow stronger over there...
Bianca: Huh? How?

(A flashback begins, a flashback to Cheren sitting on a bed with Caitlin.)
Cheren (narration): I have grown friendly with the Elite 4. I was talking to Caitlin one day, and she told me about a 'Battle frontier"...

(A flashback in a flashback begins, to Caitlin's time at the battle castle.)
Caitlin (narration) (within Cheren's narration): I was a princess over at the frontier. And speaking of, it was a magic place to test trainers. Much better than those cheaters at the Battle subway! You are very gifted, Cheren. You will never improve your skill by doing the same things here. You should take on the frontier... in Sinnoh.

(We step out of Caitlin's flashback, to Cheren's.)
Cheren (narration): I quickly saw the truth in her words. The Sinnoh champion, Cynthia, offered to take me to her home at the end of summer.
And that's how I ended up in the same boat as you.
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