HAX - Mon, 26th Sep, 2011

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
The subway is cheap but the subway bosses are sooooo bishonen so its ok. I can just hack pokemon with a gameshark like a spiritomb with wonder guard. XD

My hax V theres = mine win!!! <3

Original Miku vs sprite
I once beat the subway with legit pokemon
all 21 battles :p

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Narration (Caitlin): The subway bosses HAX. The status effects always hit only the challengers. 1 hit KO moves also hit you more than they should. And critical hit ratios are very, very high. ...If you're fighting for the subway.

Grimsley: That's fair, but... Doesn't the battle frontier recieve similar criticism?
Caitlin: ...I never cheated.

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