What fanon has taught us about the Battle Subway bosses! - Thu, 06th Oct, 2011
What fanon has taught us about the Battle Subway bosses!

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Got ideas to add to this comic? Why not post them on the forums! I might do more of these. There's defiantly enough material to make one of these for N, the Striaton Gym brothers, the Elite 4, and that's without even looking very deeply into it.

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It is impossible for... Emmet to frown Ingo to smile

Despite looking exactly the same... INGO IS WAY THE HOTTEST

The subway bosses live together! They love in the Battle subway!

Ich und mein bruder akzente so thick sie can barely vead diese rede boxen.

A human is normally full of organs! But Emmet is full of Joltik!

they share everything... even lovers!

Marysue x Ingo OTP

Ingo has really badly-drawn abs (that blush)

Their (sic) is a thrid subway boss who is grey! ...or rainbow!!!!!1

Emmet is a huge child who plays on playgrounds!!! (ingo has to parent him)

IN FACT < Ingo had to raise Emmet because their parents died from angst!

Ingo always brings a sword to a gun-fight!

Emmet things everything is adorable! ...Everything.

Emmet is secretly depressed. (in a kawaii way)

...and they would be right at home in my little pony!
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