The story of... - Sun, 31st Jul, 2011
The story of...

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
...Sceney Bopper!
It's meeee and my friends. Ok one of them made her character N's sister, isn't that cute? N totally needed somebody to keep him company, she's going to be perfect. My other friend can't draw so well, but likes vocaloid so decided that would be her character.
I am the one in the front with my Riolu. It's NOT A SHINY, it has a birth defect and everyone always picked on it. I'm the first person who loved it, isn't that tragic? I can relate to it, because I was always picked on for my hair which is also totally natural. My character is based on me, except a bit prettier because she's skinnier and has better skin.
By the way, Cilan is totally cute, isn't he? I can't wait to go and meet him, I bet he'll like me too. _<

Kawaii u vs sprite
...Kawaii U!
I am Kawaii U, and I am N's TWIN sister not just his sister. We were born at the same time and grew up together and stuff. Ghestis was always mean to us, but N protected me from the worst of his abuse and I love him and am a loyal sister. Now N is gone I want him to have a girlfriend so he will come back. (A boyfriend is also ok and totally hotter but id like N to be a dad one day) POST WHO YOU THINK N'S GIRLFRIEND SHOULD BE and I will ask them!

Original Miku vs sprite
I will learn to draw one day don't worry! But Miku is so cute I might not want to change! Anyway I have a mew with a rainbow tail and shiny paws, its very VERY RARE and it chose to be with me because I have a pure heart.

I am also new to spriting sorry for the crappy sprites but its the best i can do!


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( big pinkish-orange font! Followed by a panel showing the OC Squad! With their improbably Pokemon and rainbow gradient background that must follow them wherever they go! How delightful!)

Searching Unova for adventure! New friends!
...and most importantly, true love

(A shot of inside the Striaton City cafe, containing in it the three brothers which have unfortunately been forsaken by fandom! Cilan seems aware of his fate, head in his hands and looking defeated. Cress and Chili, maybe accepting the inevitable, discuss.)

Cress: I heard there are new OCs!

Chili: Three of them!
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