Long Distance: Arrival in Sinnoh - Sun, 23rd Oct, 2011
Long Distance: Arrival in Sinnoh

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
Sceney bopper talks cameo.
Remember how we asked for cameos a while back. ONLY ONE PERSON ANSWERED THE CALL.
And that person was Kururu-ji on Deviantart, who also had a character cameo in page 3. Remember there's lots of crowd scenes coming up and still time for cameos. You should post on the forums if you want one!

Original Miku vs sprite
Original Miku made more sprites:
CHECK THE SPRITES PAGE NOW!!!!! there are some new sprites there which I made.

Somebody might be having a LIGHTSWITCH RAVE AT THE LIGHTHOUSE. Hey isnt there a gym leader there does he throw raves?

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(Everyone is still on a boat. Cynthia looks out at the lighthouse, Bianca and Cheren sit around and derp, and some SPECIAL CAMEOS join us on the boat.
Then! The lighthouse begins to flicker on and off. And sometimes black.)

Cynthia: How odd...
Cynthia: The lighthouse is buzzing oddly.
Cheren: That doesn't matter. It's day.

(An announcement comes over a long shot of the boat, made by the boat's ghostly crew.)
Narration: Prepare to disembark!

Cheren: Huh? (He is clearly in awe of this plot twist) I need to get ready to leave!
Cynthia: I'll be getting off at the mainland.
Cheren: So... this is bye.

(Cheren gives Bianca a hug, and shakes Cynthia's hand. He disembarks the boat and wanders through to the battle frontier. He is admiring the scenery in front of him, before encountering a large gap between panels.

Like, this long.

Before SOME GUY decides to thud right into him.)
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