Long distance: First fight in Sinnoh! - Thu, 27th Oct, 2011
Long distance: First fight in Sinnoh!

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(The rude gent who Cheren just slammed into turns out to be chatty!)
???: Hey... Are you new here?
Cheren: Yes (In a big pink speech bubble)
???: Cool! (In a tiny panel) I'm a bit of a star here! (The ??? man shows his nametag, which reads "Barry - Staff". It seems as if this fellows name is Barry AS IF YOU WERE SHOCKED) Battle me and i'll show you around!
Cheren: I don't need that. But I am interested in seeing what Sinnoh trainers are like, so...
Cheren: Liepard!
Barry: Staraptor!
Cheren: Liepard, Fake out!
(Perfect hit! Staraptor flinched!)
Barry: Wow! If you have fake out, you use it. Ya know! But next turn, Staraptor is faster, so it will use... FLY!!!
Cheren: I can't hit him. I'll use a move I don't need. Just use another Fake out.
Barry: Come back!
Cheren: Huh?
Barry: Now... Infernape!
(Cheren was tricked! He doesn't like feeling a fool...)
Cheren: But... But...
Barry: Like my 'fake out?' The frontier brains always so things like that! So... If you can't keep up with the heat, get outta the kitchen!!
(Liepard fainted! Cheren is shocked.)
Cheren: Hmm... he knows his stuff. He predicts me well. I need to defy his expectations, but how?
Barry: Who will you pick?
(Awkward silence, before a speech bupple breaks the silence!)
???: BARRY!
(It's another guy Cheren doesn't know. SPOILER ALERT: It's Palmer, who is Barry's dad, who is a frontier brain.)
Palmer: Did you see anything?
(Gosh another awkward silence so soon!)
Barry: Sorry! (Sweatdropu)
Cheren: Huh. Sinnoh is different.
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