So what would you do? - Sun, 07th Aug, 2011
So what would you do?

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
Sceney bopper gets us off topic:
OMFG so long between updates! D; But hey making comics is hard work for three ppl so BACK OFF.
Also the character in the panel 4 is a cameo from the up and down Nuzlocke comic, by Kururu-ji on Deviantart.! Nuzlocke comics are the best dont u agree? I did one once but i died and got sad. I am am going to bring the NUZLOCKE FANSERVICE here what could it mean? nothing mean i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Kawaii u vs sprite
Kawaii U was born this way:
I tried one once but i don't like seeing pokemon hurt, if i had to put one of my pokemon friends in the box or the wild I would get so sad. Unless it wanted to be in the box or wild (I would ask it). But being forced too is so sad i hate it!!! This was the way i was raised so deal with it.

Original Miku vs sprite
Miku x Nuzlocke OTP:
Nuzloke comixs are sooooo fun to read but u cant beat the original 1 AT ALL. I am embarassed about this but i get SOOOO much nostalga when i read nuzlockes of the games i grew up with. I did one once it was so good to play pokemon yellow again but i cheated because brock beat pikachu, and you cant have a dead pikachu in pokemon yellow its not right!

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(In big fancy header text that's all yellow and blue!)
What did you do after... the credits rolled?

(Everybody is chibi for no reason but awwwwwww. Anyways, Hilda is running after a shadowy figure with a fishing rod, while Looker looks on)
Take up fishing and finish off Team Plasma?

(Hilbert is drowning himself in Pokeballs on the beach. Cynthia is wondering why this lad would do such a thing.)
Catch all the new old Pokemon in the new areas?

(Hilda is standing by a shrine, very likely an abundant shrine! The wind blows softly in the air)
Find and collect the legendary Pokemon?

(Hilbert is battling a CAMEO APPEARANCE dingdingdingding and they are both using Eelektross.)
Try to become the best wi-fi battler ever?

(Hilda and Hilbert have met and its time for some epic HI5)
Meet and befriend a gender-bender version of yourself on the battle subway?

(The two are standing at the gates to the elite four.)
Start a friendly rivalry and beat the Elite 4.
...Until victory means nothing any more.

(challenge no. 101)

(Return of the fancy header text!!!)
Pokemon is the very best!
Pokemon b/w fancomic! Meant for people who've played the videogames.
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