A fabulous Nuzlocke? - Sat, 20th Aug, 2011
A fabulous Nuzlocke?

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Sceney bopper vs sprite
What happened to Cilan?
So this is what I did today. lololol i was the first to talk to a bishie! Take that original Miku and U! I win! He's going to do a comic and I had the original idea so its going to be our comic. Maybe this will b the start of somethign butiful. :DDDDD
Does any1 have an EEVEE to trade me i have only the weak pokemon so far, nobody wants to give me an eevee for them. plz take pity on me and SEND THE TRADE, even if i cant give you a good pokemon, eevee are so cute and i would make mind an espeon probably. Then I would make eggs for all my friends but i'm sure they'd pick other pokemon to make their eevee into. Original Miku would probably make one of the original 3 eveelutions and U would probably ask eevee what it wanted to be. So you see we would pick cool eevee so TRADE TRADE TRADE.

Kawaii u vs sprite
Kawaii U puts it in perspective:
lol no I am N's sister so I grew up with N who is so bishie.

ps: omg eevee plz. I will ask it what it wants to evolve into so I will be the better trainer.

Original Miku vs sprite
Miku picks up on it:
U how can you say your own brother is bishie? Family doesn't count lol XD.........................
My eevee would be one of the original 3 eeveelutions because the original 3 are the best 3! SEND ME EEVEE IF YOU AGREE.

Kawaii u vs sprite
Kawaii U wants to say something, but decides to save it for an angry personal blog rant to her hugbox.

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(A horrible apparition appears in the first panel to scream and scare the children! Actually no it's just Burgh. A normal Burgh, at that.)

Burgh: It's no use!

(His internal organs are being compressed under a demon of hatred and disaster! The demon is called BLOCK, or maybe something else.)

Burgh: I feel like I am forever being crushed by Artists Block!

(Just as all hope seems lost, Sceney Bopper appears to help!)

Sceney Bopper: Why don't you just do a Nuzlocke?
omg so bishie ^_^

Burgh: A... Nuzlocke? I have never heard of it! But just the thought of an unknown art makes me curious! Tell me more!

Take the Pokemon league challenge.
When a Pokemon faints, put it in the PC and stop using it.
Tell everyone the Pokemon is dead.
Guilt people, like, forever.
Make a web comic about it.
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