The first part of a fabulous Nuzlocke (maybe) - Sun, 21st Aug, 2011
The first part of a fabulous Nuzlocke (maybe)

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Original Miku vs sprite
It's ok, but I can make it so much funnier!
Burgh is ok, but not as cool as Tracey. Tracey would have drawn the comic like me the first time!!

Kawaii u vs sprite
WTF MIKU TRACEY ISNT AS BISHONEN. Becides who really remembers him except you? NOBODY.

Sceney bopper vs sprite
An excellent sense of humour:
Burgh is a silly name only a BAKA would call him that. HE'S ARTI. That's a name which actually suits him!!!1

I should say updates will be sporadic, and whenever a comic gets done! But these comics take ages to make! Hope you enjoyed the comics so far!!
Don't be a BAKA like Miku! Keep reading! :DDDD

PS: Miku you are not a baka i lol'd at your edit. It is funnier!!

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Burgh (narration): From what I could gather, it was in the spirit of the challenge to go to Nuvena town and get a starting pokemon. I arrived at the lab, but...
(Burgh is outside professor Juniper's lab, with Bianca standing in the door.)
Burgh (narration): ...the professor was out for a stroll. Rather, there was a young woman there, who I had met before... her name is Bianca.

Bianca: Sorry! Juniper is out right now! ...Can I help you?

Burgh (narration): I asked to see the starting pokemon, and she showed me three misfits misbehaving on an old rug. Not what I had expected.

(The narration is accurate! On the rug, there is a Tepig, Oshawatt, and Snivy. The Oshawatt is taking a sizeable bite out of Snivy's tail!)

Burgh (narration): The arrogant green one drew my attention! But it was not to last!

Bianca: You shouldn't play with them. They are all bad tempered. But I am training them to be nice!

(Burgh is crushed emotionally! A closeup of his eyes is proof of how crushed he truly is!)

Burgh: Please give it to me! I will take it and make it into my muse!

Bianca: Well, if that's the case...

Burgh: Which it is!

Bianca: Maybe being a 'muse' will encourage Snivy to battle. He hates battles! But don't level him! He's going to be a starter!

Burgh: I promise.

Burgh (narration): But with no Pokeballs, and a promise I wouldn't let my only Pokemon level up...
It all seemed over before it started!

(And so Burgh slumps, defeated, at the beginning of route one.)
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