Somehow the fabulous Nuzlocke continues. - Sun, 28th Aug, 2011
Somehow the fabulous Nuzlocke continues.

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Kawaii u vs sprite
Kawaii U thinks all Burgh needs is love
Its so sad burgh needs a hug where is grimsley when you need him nya :3

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Burgh (narration): It is said a true artist must suffer for their art!
I knew this proverb and understood it well. And yet, I could not predict suffering to make a simple comic! It took me completely off guard.
But as I tried to figure out how to proceed in the Nuzlocke, the above proverb came to mind.

I sat in front of the computer in the Pokemon Center for hours, deciding. The nurse even asked if anything was wrong with me!

(Burgh stares into his own soul via the computer screen, and sees himself with a moustache.)

Burgh (narration): I decided to proceed in the challenge by collecting my Gym Pokemon. It would be okay, as it was for art!

Leavanny noticed the ugly teeth marks on Snivy's tail, and fashioned an elegant solution!

(The Leavanny made a tail sheath for Snivy, covering its ever-moving bite mark.)

Burgh (narration): Accumula Town was otherwise uneventful, so I will skip ahead to the first gym challenge.

I had not seen these gym leaders in a little while. I did not even see them at the Team Plasma castle last month!

(Finally, the narration ends and the talking begins)

Burgh: I am here for a gym battle!
Cress:'re already a gym leader. Why would you need one?
Snivy: Snivy Sni

(A wild Chili appears!)

Chili: A Snivy, huh? I guess this means i'll take you on!
Cress: If there are no complaints about a battle, I don't see why not.

Burgh (narration) (AGAIN): Well, I was the third Gym leader and these three were just the first ones

(Pictured: Whopass)

Burgh (narration): Speaking of threes, I couldn't help but wonder where the third triplet was. I perhaps wasn' attentive at the time but looking back on it, Snivy was very impressed seeing Leavanny's battle.

Chili: Hey! You didn't even use Snivy!
Burgh (narration): The gym leader was not as impressed, although he had to admit he lost.

The change in Snivy was instant. It began throwing itself into battle! So fast that I couldn't even say "Please stop that now, you're not allowed to train!" By the time I finished saying that, it had evolved! Oh, the humanity!

So here I am at the Cafe Warehouse. I feel so very wrong about evolving the Snivy. And even worse, I cannot find my muse. While I am here I will see Lenora. But it might be time to call the challenge off. It's hardly inspiring.
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