A new direction for the fabulous Nuzlocke? - Mon, 29th Aug, 2011
A new direction for the fabulous Nuzlocke?

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Burgh vs sprite
Hello, lovelies!
Ah, I see you are seeking some author comment. Well, I suppose I am the author this time, and so I will comment!

First of all, there are no spelling errors! In my comics! Ever! Everything you believe is an error is interntional, it is written that way to incrase the emotoinal inpact of my words! Second of all, I know it is all pencils, but I thought it would look nice anyway! Which, it does! It would have taken less effort to colour, because with pencils you need to shade. And finally, I was glad to be able to add Hawes to my comic. He was an excellent model for my art! To have him standing their, looking at me with curiosity as I drew his every detail, it was a most fabulous experience. Yes! All the comic is drawn from life! And true to the anatomy that I perceived.
And now we get to Lenora's comments. Her praise was true, so I wrote it in bold. But her critique shattered me. It was a long time between doing this strip and continuing the comic. I had to go on a deep spiritual journey. Me and Lenora still haven't spoken since. I... I am still building the courage! Don't judge me! We shall speak soon. Of course we shall.

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Burgh (narration): Narcrene was always an excellent to visit (Burgh is an artist, not a writer!) and was usually perfect for clearing up a tough case of artists block! And since I had a horrible, shameful case of it on my hands, I stayed a long time. I had a pleasent chat and Lenora, and her husband. The conversation soon turned to me however.

Lenora: So that's what a Nuzlocke is. Why do people do them?
Burgh: It's so obvious! It's all about art!
Lenora: People tell me that i've killed their Pokemon for the sake of art?
Burgh: Indeed! Comics which people put out for free, in fact!

Burgh (narration): Afterwards, I had a battle with Lenora. She was particularly agressive! And while one of her Pokemon went down. Alas!

Burgh: Whirlipede!
(Leavanny covers Snivy's poor virgin eyes. Then, Whirlipede's tombstone is there. It just is there.)



Lenora: I have to say something not-so-good about this comic...
Burgh: Please don't. My poor, artist-blocked heart simply cannot take even a slight negative comment!
Lenora: What if I did a "praise sandwich"?
Burgh: You may attempt it, but I cannot predict the results!
Lenora: Well, the art is nice. Comics are clearly not your style, you're usually a bit more avant-garde and need to return to your roots. And your writing is easy to read.
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