The fantastic climax of the fabulous Nuzlocke - Fri, 02nd Sep, 2011
The fantastic climax of the fabulous Nuzlocke

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(A Burgh sprite is next to some disclaimer text) This is not a literal account of what happened, but a personal interpretation of events.

Burgh (narration): There was no spark of inspiration going through the Pinwheel forest or the Skyarrow Bridge. I was only going back to my gym to pick up a badge of my own...
But my previous works of art in there now only served to mock me!

(The image peels away, to display a simple coloured background)

Burgh (narration): It was a place I knew But with no muse... The Gym didn't feel right at all!

(Another voice, undiscernable from the narration, gets inside Burgh's head!) ???: You're done, Burgh! You'll never find a new muse. You should just give art up!

Burgh: No! Why would I even think that!
???: Ha! Ahahaha! You think like that...

(And suddenly, there's a Burgh made of honey bursting out of the walls!)
Honey Burgh: Because it's true! I have been watching you since you created this gym, and watched you decline the whole time. Now, I am taking it as mine!


Honey Burgh: This is where the comic ENDs! You don't make comics, or know how to make one. You've barely drawn a bug this whole comic! You took a starting Pokemon and it 'accidently' evolved. YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THE LOVE STORY THAT'S IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

(The love story? The Snivy and Leavanny, tied and covered in honey, slowly have a love heart appear over them. Oh course! It's so obvious!)

Burgh: No! I can see it! And I can feel the power of !LOVE!

(Burgh produces a heart-on-a-stick from thin air. He confronts his honey self, and stabs his until he loses his form.)

Burgh (narration): I had re-absorbed the muse I had been blind to. Symbolically speaking...

(A pencil image folds back over the scene. It depicts Burgh chasing his scarf, through the desert, with Pokemon looking on mockingly.)

Burgh (narration): The desert is a horrific place! The sandstorms are terrible for your hair, and the Pokemon are horrible, cheeky punks! If it weren't for my newfound muse, I would have quit. But I didn't. I am determined to win this challenge!
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